Day Two

Thursday, 19th February 2015

08.00 Breakfast

09.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

09.10 Roundtable Industry Intelligence

Overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier

09.40 Therapeutic Drug Delivery Using Nasal Mucosal Grafting Bypassing the Blood Brain Barrier

Enhancing Biomarker Development

10.10 CNS Biomarkers Landscape 2015

10.40 Lesson Learnt: Biomarker Development from Obesity Research

11:10 Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11.40 "In Vivo Neuropathology"  Biomarkers of Disease Progression and Drug Toxicity Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

12.10 Translational CNS Functional Imaging Biomarkers: Building a Preclinical to Clinical Bridge Across Disciplines

12.40 Targeting Lysosomal Enzymes for Drug Discovery in Lysosomal Storage Diseases and Their Affiliated Neurodegenerative Diseases

1.10 Lunch & Networking

Alternatives to Live Animal CNS Models

2.10 Tools for Mapping and Fixing Brain Computations

2.40 Stem Cell Based Models

3.10 Exploring the Human Condition: Computational Neuromedicine

3.40 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

Preparing for the Clinic

4.10 Lessons Learnt: Translatable Biomarkers of Immunoinflammation: Work from MS

4.40 Preclinical Assessment of Neuroprotective and Reparative Agents for Multiple Sclerosis

5.10 Chairman’s Closing Remarks

5.15 Close of Congress