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February 19-21 2019

30+ Expert Speakers ♦ 3 Days  2 Streams ♦ 3 Workshops ♦ 10+ Hours of Networking

Following numerous neurodegenerative disease clinical failures, the neurodegenerative disease field requires a refreshed approach towards drug development to drive clinical success.

Now in its 7th year, the World CNS Summit challenges traditional thinking to guide drug development of efficacious treatments for neurodegeneration. Developed with experts from Eisai, Sanofi, Novartis and others, it is the only industry-specific conference focused on solving the translational challenges of neurodegenerative research.

Bringing together over 150+ leading minds in the neurodegenerative space, from academia, pharma, biotech and leading consortia, to provide a unique opportunity to bridge the gap of translational drug development.

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"I was impressed by many of the speakers and learnt a significant amount, which I was able to bring back to our discovery team."


"A great meeting. The networking opportunities were fantastic."


Exclusive Speaker Interview
with Verge Genomics
Alice Zhang TN Large
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