Past Featured Speakers

  • Mark DayGlobal Head, Genetic Diseases and Immuno-Virology. Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Rajesh RanaganathanDirector, Office of Translational Research NIH

  • Rogerio VivaldiCo-Founder, President & CEO Minerva Neurosciences

  • Frank YoccaVice President, Neuroscience iMed AstraZeneca

Improve your CNS Drug Discovery Success by Enhancing your Preclinical Modeling and Biomarker Development Strategies

The Translational CNS Summit 2014 delivers a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with your peers to bring safe and effective CNS therapies to patients in need. Maximize the value of your CNS pipeline by improving pre-clinical predictability that will de-risk your development and reduce late-stage attrition rates.

The meeting aims to facilitate collaboration and forward movement for the industry by bringing together the leading drug developers in this space. Attend and discover new ways to progress your pipeline and tap into the huge commercial opportunity CNS diseases represent. 

Discover the technologies and techniques that are proving beneficial to drug development and avoid the approaches that have historically led to failure. 

Attendees will meet with commercial and academic leaders to inspire new ideas and strategies to help minimize clinical attrition, maximize pipeline potential and see a return on investments made in the CNS field. 

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Increase the predictive value of animal models for more cost effective approaches
  • Improve the way you measure drug efficacy by validating new biomarkers
  • Get your drug product to market by de-risking late phase clinical trials
  • Identify new drug targets and improve your pipeline potential
  • Lead the cutting edge research and find new disease modifying treatments
  • Optimise drug development through improved clinical trial design

“The talks were high quality and the interaction among the participants was excellent”