February 20-21, 2018

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What’s the one breakthrough you want to see in the neurodegenerative field over the next 5 years?

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    Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Neurodegenerative Diseases

    With the shear amount of clinical failures and loss of money spent on Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, many have argued that the issue lies somewhere else entirely.

    Mitochondria have emerged as a pivotal convergence point for neurodegeneration - a potential red herring for disease pathogenesis.

    Enjoy this content pack of specially selected papers by the World CNS Speaker Faculty.

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    Emerging concepts for Parkinson’s Disease

    This content pack contains the following articles:

    1) Technology in Parkinson’s Disease: Challenges and Opportunities (Espay et al 2016)

    2) Digital health revolution: is it time for affordable remote monitoring for Parkinson’s disease? (Papapetropoulos et al 2015)

    3) A de novo compound targeting a-synuclein improves deficits in models of Parkinson’s Disease (Wrasidlo et al 2016)

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    Past Presentation Pack

    This presentation pack includes 3 presentations on the following topics:

    Applying our Knowledge of Genetic Factors in Parkinson’s Disease: Linking Pathophysiological Mechanisms to Sporadic Cases & Driving the Discovery of Novel Therapeutics

    Warren Hirst, now Director Neurology Research, Biogen

    [18F]MK-6240, A Novel Tau PET tracer: From Discovery to Clinical Evaluation

    Cyrille Sur, Executive Director & Neuroscience Imaging Lead, Merck & Co.

    Mobile Health: Utility in Neuroscience Early Development

    Gabriel Vargas, Executive Medical Director Neuroscience Therapeutic Area, Amgen